This highly stimulating and invigorating sequence is designed to regulate kapha, the Ayurvedic dosha (body-mind constitution) elementally defined as earth and water. The image of the powerful salmon leaping in the air as it swims upstream, is the ultimate inspiration when one seeks to cultivate dynamic movement and the joy and exhilaration that come with it. According to Ayurveda, organic movement i.e. a strong metabolism is the key to health and vitality.

Like salmon, a fish that migrates up to 6000 km to the ocean, only to return to its natal fresh water stream to spawn (the navigation of which still baffles scientists), kapha-types tend to have a strong, unwavering resolve and great stamina. The challenge is to get the ball rolling safely and sustain this high-frequency pace. Lara guides Judith, a yogini with kapha-tendencies in her Ayurvedic prakriti (nature), through the sequence, offering alternative simpler poses, whilst demonstrating the more challenging asana.

By being acutely aware of the natural movement of the breath, the laws of physics and what that means for positioning to “defy” gravity, riding the momentum, maximizing prana (vital life force), and establishing a stream of consciousness, the yogi taps into sattva guna, the enlightening quality in all things. This differentiates yoga practice from conventional exercises routines, leading to a transformation that goes well beyond the physical.

The DVD includes an introduction to the general principles of the Quantum Method, as well as an explanation of Ayurveda (Science of Life) and how an understanding of its basic principles supports the assessment of one’s ideal practice. Bandha exercises for core control and cleansing (kriya) are also included.