Capricious Shiva Yoga Sequence


Master Sequence . All Dosha Regulating

Capricious Shiva or the Quantum Master Sequence represents a challenging dynamic composition or vinyasa. Whilst always increasing prana or vitality, here the breath initiates, sustains and deepens movement, ensuring integrity and coalescence. The sequence includes strong core work, deep stretches, strengthening exercises and advanced arm balances. It peaks in Shiva Natarajasana, a posture that emulates Shiva dancing his cosmic dance of transcendence.

It is accompanied by smooth electronic house music, which sets a positive mood and steady pace. Experienced yoga practitioners will be given the chance to further their understanding of vinyasa yoga, whilst integrating a creative system that leads to independent, intelligent and inspirational practice. Advanced Level.

  • Dosha Regulated: primarily Vata-Kapha, but at an experienced level it is assumed that the practitioner has already cultivated a more balanced constitutional state. At times that one’s prakrti (natural tendency) is exacerbated, even advanced yogis are advised to do a more basic and suitable practice.
  • Primary Energetic Effect: Balancing, Strengthening, Stimulating
  • Peak Pose: Shiva Natarajasana
  • Theme: Power of Play and the Maintaining of Beginner’s Mind
  • Level: Experienced-Advanced
  • Music: Ambient, Electronic House and Balearic Beats