Quantum Kids

Quantum Kids Workshop Trilogy at Project Ibiza (San Lorenzo)

Saturday afternoons 17 – 18:00
5th, 12th and 19th February 2022
AGES 5 – 10

The Quantum Kids classes at Project Ibiza were launched with a successful workshop trilogy in February 2020, after I had returned from Madrid, greatly inspired by the Rainbow Children’s Yoga Teacher Training. Then I flew to Goa to run my own teacher training, at the end of which I had to rush back to Ibiza, before borders closed and the world ground to a halt. Two years later, Corona has become part of our daily reality, but we are finally just getting on with it. Therefore, you and your children are most welcome to come and play once again!

Based on my past experience of teaching Children’s Yoga at Triyoga London, as well as yoga with my own two, I have designed fun sequences with which to de-light the children of Ibiza! We will follow the Quantum Method and regulate the Ayurvedic doshas (biological humours) vata, pitta and kapha in turn, thus emphasising on the first Saturday grounding & strengthening, then cooling & soothing, and finally energy & invigoration. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Bring water and loose or stretchy clothes. I love Project Ibiza, because plenty of space and padding for the exciting adventures we are going to go on. Though it’s heated, do bring layers! Parents are welcome to join in, or leave the children for the hour. €10 per session, €25 for all three. Though the teaching will be in English, Lara can help out with German, Spanish and French too.

Bookings please straight through me on lara@quantumyoga.com

“I was thrilled when I heard Lara planned to set up Quantum Kids yoga as for years have found enormous gratification from her teachings. Classes are always dynamic, so you come out feeling super energised. My 8 year old daughter also commented how fun the class, loving the challenge of trying new poses.
Project is also a great space to enable this.”

Bonnie Meredith (Olimpia’s mother)

“Both of my children, at the diverse ages of 4 and 10, felt deeply engaged and challenged at just the right level, by Lara’s class for children. She took them on a journey that inspired them both to truly get into their bodies, to find new ways of moving and breathing, and exploring not just postures, but playful yogic experiences, that also connected them more to themselves and to each other.”

Larah Davis, founder of Ibiza Retreats and mother of JP and Aura.