Teacher Testimonials

Lisa Sanfilippo16/01/2014
“Hi Lara, I just wanted to take a moment to message you. I’ve been around Notting Hill a lot lately and the early days in London more than 10 years ago pop into mind a lot. I wanted to take the time to say something that I may not have done enough… And that is THANK YOU. You were a great person to connect with in those early days in London and in the early days of my yoga teaching, you were incredibly supportive. You gave me my first classes outside of the LSE and were always helpful. You showed me that yoga teachers can be great at what they do and not have to be automatons- because you really embraced your personality. You gave me a lot of great opportunities- and that is something that I can now see has influenced the way I work with and mentor other teachers. And it was very special. I hope that I conveyed that to you at the time, and if I didn’t, well, I’m doing it now. From what I can tell you’re doing really well and I”m so pleased you have a family + your teaching looks like it continues to thrive.”

With love

Natalie C Morrison10/03/2014
Would be really lovely to see you sometime if you’re ever still in London. I’ve actually just started my yoga teacher training and you’ve been in my thoughts a lot. I didn’t realize at the time quite how inspirational you are but now I’m just like ‘WOW!’. Would love to maybe attend a class if you’re still teaching here sometimes. Would also be wonderful to do an observation of one of your classes.