Jenna Alexandria

Jenna Alexandria Yoga Teacher

Jenna Alexandria


Yoga found Jenna in 2013 and it was love at first flow. Having attended classes for many years she became increasingly aware of the physical and mental benefits of a regular yoga practise. Being naturally drawn to HIIT and other high energy exercise such as spinning she found herself frequenting vinyasa classes across London. Only when she found Quantum Yoga and began to understand the different requirements to balance her own Ayurvedic Prakriti did she begin to really reap the benefits of this application to yoga.

Having been a student of Sally-Ann’s for years she finally decided to take the step to train with both her and Lara in Goa.

Jenna is also training as a psychotherapist, and although incredibly passionate about this approach to healing she is a firm believer that you cannot heal the mind without addressing the body too.  By using the body and breath to move blockages and imbalances around the body Jenna believes that her approach can aid in helping her clients gain a better understanding of themselves.  Jenna also has a keen interest in the psychology of the chakra system, and will often use this along with the Ayurvedic dosas to inform her when creating yoga flows.

Having personally experienced the profound impact that the daily practise of yoga, pranayama and meditation has had on her personal battle with anxiety and addiction, and drawing on all of these elements (and the use of essential oils) she meticulously tailors her one on one classes to fit the personal needs of her clients.

Her group classes are dynamic and interesting, always to music, and she sometimes includes a cheeky element of HIIT workouts to help strengthen and stabilise the core.  Be prepared to sweat and smile throughout.

Jenna has had a number of operations on her knee, so you will never see her in a lotus, but her imperfection is part of what makes her all that more personable.

Weekly Zoom Classes

  • Monday 18:30 (75 mins)
  • Wednesday 12:30 (60 mins)
  • Friday 08:30 (60 mins)
  • Sunday 10:30 (75 mins)

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