Beauty Yoga Sequence


Advanced Sequence . Pitta-regulating

There is Beauty in Imperfection. Having the strength to face your weaknesses is truly empowering. The pitta-type, elementally defined as fire, has the tendency to be goal-orientated and focus on result rather than process. The flavour of the Beauty sequence is one of openness, organic movement, playfulness and a lack of constriction. Stilling and cooling postures are integrated into an otherwise ambitious mix of asana.

  • Dosha Regulated: Pitta (Fire / Water)
  • Primary Energetic Effect: Calming, Cooling, Refining
  • Peak Pose: Bhujapid – Koundinyasana Vinyasa (When regulating pitta, the aim is to cultivate even energetic expenditure, so a peak pose as such is avoided.)
  • Theme: Beauty in Imperfection
  • Level: Experienced/Advanced
  • Music: A cool compilation of chilled tunes

Other pitta-regulating sequences : Cool It (Beginner) . Heroes (Intermediate)