Creating your Ideal Practice from an Ocean of Possibilities

Lara Baumann Quantum Yoga

Creating your Ideal Practice from an Ocean of Possibilities

Ibiza Bespoke


Lara teaches all over Ibiza. She can come to your residence or if you prefer you can come to the beautiful Quantum roof shala near Santa Gertrudis. Please email lara@quantumyoga.com to arrange.

“Hi Lara

I really just wanted to take a minute this morning to really thank you. I felt like I was kind of just clinging on, and then this morning it feels like you just gave me this big breath. You just really set me straight and gave me my strength back and made me feel aligned. It’s funny to use all these words, because obviously they describe the physical, but the emotional too. They sound like such a cliché, but it’s just true. I feel really profoundly grateful for what you’ve dedicated your life to and what your skill has become and how you can help others with that skill. So, just thank you. Really, really, really thank you! I just wanted to take a minute to say that.”

Emma Watson
Actor, Artist, Activist, Model, Yogi
June 2020

“What was most surprising about my time in Sri Lanka, was to have experienced one of the best yoga sessions ever, in what seems like the middle of nowhere.”

Doutzen Kroes
Model, Actor, Philanthropist
January 2018

After a private yoga class with Lara at Tri

“One of the absolute highlights of my visit to Tri, were the yoga classes with Lara. Eight months pregnant, this impressive, fun and attractive woman still properly puts you through your paces, whilst exuding such a reassuring feeling of competence, ease and caring. Based on her many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda, we asked Lara to contribute to our website.”

Jasmine Hemsley
Food & Wellness Writer & Consultant
January 2016

Jasmine’s Website

Weekly Yoga Classes and Talks with Lara Baumann

Friday Mornings : Asana-Vinyasa  . 90 minutes each
 09:45 – 11:15 AM (CET, Spain) . 8:45 – 10:15 AM (UK)

Tuesday Mornings : 10 – 11:15 CET, Quantum Yoga at Six Senses, Ibiza
Only for hotel guests during the Summer high season. Drop-ins welcome from September

Wednesdays 11:30 – 13:00 CET, Quantum Yoga at Open Space, Ibiza

Open Space is near Santa Gertrudis, direction San Lorenzo.

Drop-in students of all levels are welcome. Mats & props are provided.

Thursday Morning Talks @ Six Senses
Time varies

On Zoom

Please calculate the time according to your location, but if you have wifi you can join us from anywhere!

Lara’s yoga classes are the best (even on Zoom)! During the crazy times of 2020 Lara has helped me become stronger, more flexible and more confident in my practice, and also very importantly was crucial for my sanity while life was turned upside down. She communicates her extensive experience and deep knowledge not only with great passion and positivity, but with humour and the sense that anything is possible. One of my dreams for post-lockdown life is to join Lara  wherever she is in the world for some real, live, hands-on classes.

Charlotte Casella, Dorset, UK

“Hi! When is next class??? Loving it,  finally got my favourite teacher back!!! Thanks to Corona… “

Claudia van Ketwich Verschuur

“WOW💥💥💥 Lara, I have no words , that was absolutely awesome !!!
I so enjoyed the class , feel like re-born. Centred and trusting and aligned.”

Nora Petereit

“It was really nice doing one of your classes again. You looked really well. You came across really well. Well done. Congratulations! Looks like this will be a really good format for you. Lots of attendants. Look forward to doing the next class!”

Morris Monroe

“Loved it
Your energy shines through even on Zoom
I will try coordinate a bit better next time in this online format.
Have a wonderful day”

Aida Yousefi

“Hello my lovely. God, I can’t tell you how much I loved your session this morning! I feel like every muscle has been stretched. All these contortions. F****ing amazing really! … I missed your yoga. Coming out of it, I feel so high on energy and so invigorated. Absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Super excited you are going to do that 3 x p/w. “

Dinah Ashley-Cooper

Ibiza Drop-in Class

If you live on Ibiza, please note that you are most welcome to physically attend these classes. The Quantum roof shala is near Santa Gertrudis, direction San Lorenzo. Mats and props are provided. €20 for each drop-in class, and only €15 if you pay ten classes in advance. WhatsApp Lara on +34-655659599 for a location pin. Six Senses is in the far north of the island, just before Portinatx. Times and the theme of her weekly Talks Lara announces on the Quantum Yoga Ibiza WhatsApp group; join by texting +34-655659599. Payment can be done directly on site at Six Senses.

Lara was my saviour when she arrived here in Ibiza.  Finally I found someone to open the doors to my much needed yoga & wellness regime.  Lara has a motivational voice, which repeats in your head and reminds you throughout the day on how to become a good yogi.    She also brings up discussions and philosophy that are important in learning about yoga that can only inspire. 

Reagan Black

Lara was my very first yoga teacher 14 years ago, I remember being amazed by the obvious – her physical knowledge about yoga and what she was able to do with her body and mastering all those asana, yoga poses, I at the time thought was impossible, but I I was just as amazed by her knowledge not just about yoga but Buddhism and philosophy.  We have now regained our yoga training in Ibiza and even though I have had many yoga teachers since I first met her all those years ago, I’m still just as impressed and inspired by her as a teacher, and she really is a teacher cause I still learn something new from her each time we practice. 🙏

Lisa Henrekson

Lara is an amazing hands-on yoga teacher, extremely knowledgeable about the body, it’s abilities and the different type of yoga techniques. Her classes are fun but challenging; she puts no pressure on you but instead gently encourages your own progress.
I’d highly recommend one of her classes if you haven’t tried already! 🧘‍♀️💜🙏

Annika Guise

I have known Lara since 2001 when she started teaching at Holmes Place, Notting Hill, which subsequently became Virgin Active.  With very young twins demanding much of my attention, I quickly became a devotee, attending twice weekly classes.  I found so much energy and joy in her classes where strength, stamina and the feeling of a great workout balanced harmoniously with alignment, quiet purpose and an inner calm.  Lara’s Quantum sequences are creative and invigorating, at times challenging and always playful!  Through Lara’s instruction, I have found the confidence to enjoy self-practice and when Lara went to live in Sri Lanka (although I felt bereft!), I continued both classes and self practice, wherever I happened to be.

Those twins are now 21 and I am lucky enough to have found Lara again in Ibiza – such a joy to practise again under her instruction and to benefit from her energy and experience, whilst also enjoying her charisma and finding fun in the challenges of a demanding practise whilst being that much older. My own practice since those early days owes much to Lara’s inspirational teaching – and yoga is now an integral part of my life – I know I will be doing the downward dog until my final days!!! 


200 & 500 hour
Teacher Training

Can Quàntic, Ibiza. 05 Nov – 03 Dec 2022

Yoga Alliance accredited.
For more info and to be sent an interview form, please email lara@quantumyoga.com


Six Senses, Ibiza

Welcome to Quantum Yoga

Quantum Yoga is a dynamic flowing exercise suited to your individual needs and designed by yourself based on an effective and safe grouping and sequencing system.

It’s a yoga path that resonates with your personal requirements at all times and balances you inner nature, to bring you into a state of greater harmony with the environment.

Also it’s a spiritual system that adopts the holistic approach to health from the ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda, whilst embracing the modern insights of Quantum Physics to maximise one’s power of conscious manifestation.

Take a deep breath.

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