Capricious Shiva Yoga Sequence


It is important to bear in mind that the ultimate aim of Quantum Yoga is for the practitioner to gain the ability to spontaneously create vinyasa (dynamic breath-synchronised) sequences that are ideally suited to their present requirements. This is done using the Quantum Grouping and Sequencing system, as well as the Quantum Assessment methods that lean on Ayurveda. In the context of yoga, intelligent and safe spontaneity however requires that this individual’s vocabulary of asana is sufficiently big, that linking laws are understood, that the ability to listen and respond without projection has been honed, and that this level of attention and creative response be sustained through constant interactive body- heart-mind dialogue. In other words, it is not easy.

For most mere mortals therefore, it helps to work with a coherent series of sequences. All Quantum Yoga sequences are made up of the Ten Groupings, in this order: Sublimatio, Dynamic Flow, Standing Poses, Standing Balances, Floor Work, Abdominals / Backbends (order changes according to dosha regulated), Inversions, Relaxation, Meditation. This means that once you have familiarised yourself with the sequences, if you want to be creative, you can take sections of varying sequences from each grouping, and assemble them, but always respecting the correct order. The higher the level of the sequence, the less distinguishable the ten groupings become, in order to allow for more flexibility and flow.

There are 4 different levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Master. There is a trilogy of sequences for each level, one to regulate each dosha (Ayurvedic body-mind constitution) in turn. This means that the emphasis is either on grounding, stabilising, strengthening (vata-regulation); cooling, soothing and balancing (pitta-regulation); or invigorating, stimulating and energising (kapha-regulation). The exception is the Master sequence, where the assumption is that once the yogi is so established in his/her sadhana, balance is a given.

Faced with the choice that The Series offers, the Quantum Yogi is invited to start by listening in and investigating what kind of practice is most likely to bring about their optimal state. And the optimal state in the context of Ayurveda – and in fact wherever health and wellbeing are prioritised – is that of balance. In the spiritual context of yoga, this would be the balance between sthira and sukha, steadiness and pleasantness, engagement and joy, effort and comfort, application and sustainability. Remember that originally asana practice was primarily a preparation for mediation and therefore ideally you want to end up fully alert and yet totally relaxed.

Beginner Sequences

Get Down Yoga Sequence


Cool It Yoga Sequence


Intermediate Sequences

Birds Yoga Sequence


Heroes Yoga Sequence


Lotus Mandala Yoga Sequence


Advanced Sequences

Beauty Yoga Sequence


Master Sequence

Capricious Shiva Yoga Sequence

All Dosha-regulating