Get Down Sequence Quantum Yoga


Beginner Sequence . Vata-regulating

Get Down, which balances vata, the dosha elementally defined as air and responsible for movement in the body-mind, is primarily grounding, strengthening and stabilising. To this end we begin by loosening up joints and establish vinyasa, breath-synchronised movement, as well as steady posture and a stable connection to the ground, through a slow squatting sequence, followed by classic Ashtanga-style Sun Salutations. Standing poses and balances are emphasised for powerful grounding. Back muscles are strengthened and abdominal exercises ensure core stability. Shoulder-standing inversions are stilling and inward-gazing, and the final pranayama balances the entire system. In this way the flighty vata-type can get down to business without ever loosing the ground beneath their feet!

  • Dosha Regulated: Vata (Air)
  • Primary Energetic Effect: Grounding, Stabilising, Strengthening
  • Level: Beginner to General