Teacher Testimonials

Nadine BaderBerlin, Germany
I know Lara since more than 10 years now. I first met her when I attended her Yoga retreat in Goa/India. I was hooked from the first minute, did my 200 hr certification with Quantum Yoga in 2011 and came back for my 300hr certification in 2019. Even if Lara and I live in totally different areas of the world I am always drawn back to her for a much needed portion of advanced practice, her wisdom and also a tiny bit of craziness. That is a package that you won’t get anywhere else.

With Quantum Yoga, Lara created a genius approach to Yoga which is timeless, incorporating Yoga asana, the ancient science of Ayurveda and Quantum physics. Every time I did a training with her or joined one of her retreats I discovered something new.  I am proud to be Lara’s co-teacher for the 17th Quantum Yoga teacher training this year and can’t wait to meet the new generation of trainees. 

Caroline Graham-WoodUK & Mexico
The Quantum Yoga Method has been the foundation of my yoga practice and teaching method since I first trained back in 2012 with Lara and go on to train both my 200 & 500 YTT with Lara. I believe so much in the Quantum method and how it has helped me I also co. taught with Lara on her  teacher trainings.

Learning from Lara is learning from a teacher who has lived and breathed the practice and with the Quantum science and Ayurvedic ties makes the whole experience the more compete and useful for yoga on and off the mat.

Over the years I have done many trainings but quantum yoga is the one method I always come back to, the trainings are steeped in knowledge and have provided, for me, the most well rounded and complete source of information from Sanskrit to pranayama, history and Ayurveda it is the best way to kick start or deepen your yoga journey.

Love ,

Lisa Sanfilippo16/01/2014
“Hi Lara, I just wanted to take a moment to message you. I’ve been around Notting Hill a lot lately and the early days in London more than 10 years ago pop into mind a lot. I wanted to take the time to say something that I may not have done enough… And that is THANK YOU. You were a great person to connect with in those early days in London and in the early days of my yoga teaching, you were incredibly supportive. You gave me my first classes outside of the LSE and were always helpful. You showed me that yoga teachers can be great at what they do and not have to be automatons- because you really embraced your personality. You gave me a lot of great opportunities- and that is something that I can now see has influenced the way I work with and mentor other teachers. And it was very special. I hope that I conveyed that to you at the time, and if I didn’t, well, I’m doing it now. From what I can tell you’re doing really well and I”m so pleased you have a family + your teaching looks like it continues to thrive.”

With love
Triyoga, Life Centre and Yogacampus, London
Author of “Sleep Recovery”

Robin and Larry Turnbaugh2018
My husband and I both attended Lara Baumann’s yoga teacher trainings, first in 2017 for our 200 hour certification, and in 2018 for our 500 hour certification. It is our pleasure to highly recommend her training program, or any studies with her. Lara is an exceptional teacher and yogi. She is extremely structured in her classes and system, as well as conscientious and mindful of her students’ needs and their well being. Her
expert teaching of appropriate and careful adjustments reflects her many years of personal study and discipline. Lara’s teacher training includes not only a challenging vinyasa-based curriculum, but also a comprehensive overview of the history of yoga, Indology, anatomy and ayurvedic science.

Lara’s Quantum Yoga approach incorporates a safe and effective grouping and sequencing system, as well as the inner transformative practice of quantum physics and ayurvedic healing. The training also includes a rigorous assessment component which gave us the confidence to begin teaching yoga immediately upon completing our training.

We would be happy to provide any further details in support of Lara Baumann’s Quantum Yoga practice and teaching training.

Best regards,

Robin and Larry Turnbaugh

Natalie C Morrison10/03/2014
Would be really lovely to see you sometime if you’re ever still in London. I’ve actually just started my yoga teacher training and you’ve been in my thoughts a lot. I didn’t realize at the time (2004) quite how inspirational you are but now I’m just like ‘WOW!’. Would love to maybe attend a class if you’re still teaching here sometimes. Would also be wonderful to do an observation of one of your classes.


Ben StevensonBirmingham, co-founder Camp Poe, Sri Lanka
I first went to one of Lara’s classes in 2017 and was hooked instantly. Her passion and depth of yogic knowledge flows through her sequences with effortless ease. She has a great sense of humour that carries you through more challenging parts, as well as her epic music that fits the sequences perfectly. Lara really does make yoga into an irresistible artform.

As a teacher, she is excellent. She knows when to push you and be the best you can in that moment.

I had the pleasure to do my 200 hours and 500 hours with Lara and I now teach private yoga lessons.

The knowledge and experience you gain through the teacher trainings are great. Lara teaches you how to do asana correctly and safely. She teaches you how to make adjustments correctly and with awareness. She shares with you her deep knowledge on yogic philosophy and invites world leading authorities, such as Matthew Clarke, to teach you about the history of yoga and Ayurveda.

After the training, Lara is a great support when you need it. She will be a continual guide for you on the yoga path.

Lastly, Lara is genuine and pure. A special and rare being of light, a true yogi.

Judith DanielBarbados & London
“I did my first QYTT (220H) with Lara in 2008 in Goa, India.  It really was the moment where all my experience and knowledge of yoga to that date was consolidated and taken to a much deeper level.  I went onto do my 500H training with Lara as her assistant and to co-teach many of the QYTTs in India, Sri Lanka and London.  The TT and particularly the sequences, which I loved for their creativity and flow, became the backbone of my own teaching and something I always draw on even now 12 years later.  Also the introduction to Ayurveda and working with the doshas was invaluable.  At first I found the prospect of teaching daunting, but the course gave me the practical skills and a thorough grounding in all aspects of Yoga, to overcome my fears and step up to the mat as a Yoga Teacher.  Twelve years later, I have taught in some of the leading retreat centres around the world and have my own yoga business in Barbados.”
Kojo AgyeiFitness, Lifestyle & Wellbeing Coach . The Highlands of Scotland & London
The first yoga class I ever took was Lara’s class at Tri Yoga in Primrose Hill in 2007. I was amazed at seeing someone with such a strong practice in front of me on the mat, the positions she contorted her self in and the strength of her breathing and arm balances was awesome

At the end of class Lara mentioned a yoga retreat she was holding in Goa, India over Christmas and New Year. As it was going to be my first Christmas after splitting with my girlfriend of 12 years I decided to take the plunge and booked myself on the retreat, it was a decision that definitely changed my life forever

After 2 wonderful weeks on Lara’s retreat, it was suggested that I had a natural aptitude for yoga and that I should enrol on Lara’s 200-hour Quantum Yoga Teacher Trainer course. It was without doubt one of the best decisions of my life

So If you are undecided whether to enrol on Lara’s Teacher Training not, I would say go for it. It will be the best decision you have ever made and will change your life forever