There is Beauty in imperfection. Having the strength to face your weaknesses is truly empowering. The fiery pitta-type tends to be goal-orientated and focus on result rather than process. In accordance with the Quantum method, which seeks to optimize practice taking into account one’s temperament and present tendencies, this indicates that the focus needs to be shifted towards the cultivation of smooth transitions and an even expenditure of energy. This supports one’s ability to be present in the moment. Keeping the respiration even to result in true vinyasa, where breath leads and movement follows, puts you in touch with your natural flow, instead of directing the stream of life’s events through volition only. Stilling and cooling postures are integrated into an otherwise ambitious mix of asana that with skill and dedication coalesce beautifully.

The flavour of the Beauty sequence is one of openness, organic movement, playfulness and a lack of constriction. The practitioner is encouraged to recognize how a softer approach of releasing, rather than pushing, and allowing, rather than forcing, will result in a far more profound transformation. We explore ways of imbuing the practice with receptivity and also simply having more fun with it. It often comes as a surprise that as a result previously impossible asana can now be approached more fluidly and ultimately mastered. Lara guides Volker, a yogi with pitta-dominance in his Ayurvedic prakriti (nature), through the sequence, offering alternative simpler poses, whilst demonstrating the more difficult asana.

The DVD includes an introduction to the general principles of the Quantum Method, as well as an explanation of Ayurveda (Science of Life) and how an understanding of its basic principles supports the assessment of one’s ideal practice. Bandha exercises for core control and cleansing (kriya) are also included.