What makes a yoga teacher, a GREAT yoga teacher?

You could sum up what makes a great yoga teacher using the 10 P’s.

Patience & Perseverance: This could be said for all teachers. You will be repeating the same thing over and over again. If you do not think you can do this in an inspirational way, you should change careers.

Perspective & com-Passion: Not all your students want to be enlightened sages. Most have busy lives and just want a good workout with a touch of spirituality and that is ok. Also, if they are not doing what you are asking them to, do not take it personally. Always honor the fact that they made the effort to attend, and are doing the best they can with what they’ve got.

Personality & Playfulness: In an attempt to please everyone the unique traits of your personality will be lost. Stay true to who you are and accept that some students will not return. You are human, so also don’t take yourself too seriously and you will end up teaching a more fun class.

Practice & Pleasure: You have to enjoy what you are doing, as that will shine through. Also, you MUST keep up your own yoga practice.

Pace & Power: Many over-excited teachers burn out early in their career. True power is the strength to accept your limitations!