Why I developed Quantum Yoga?

Quantum Yoga was developed as a response to the trends I was observing as an active full-time yoga teacher since 1999 in London and soon internationally. In the Naughties, yoga in the Western urban metropoles became increasingly political, competitive and also often cultish. The results were far from desirable. I saw too many injuries, often from unnecessarily strong adjustments, but in this context more importantly I witnessed a lot of yogis becoming more extreme and thereby severely imbalanced. Furthermore, there seemed to be a diligent tick-list mentality at work that sometimes even tipped over into guilt-driven self-flagellation. None of this to me had anything to do with yoga, which is often defined as “union with the Absolute”, and therefore is any practice that aims to bring about an experience of the divine.

Integrating both the teachings of Ayurveda, as well as the insights of quantum physics, and embracing my conviction that vinyasa (breath-synchronised movement) is in most cases the most effective mode of practice, I developed Quantum Yoga. Quantum Yoga is therefore a method of personal practice optimisation, which advocates vinyasa as the primary mode of practice and uses Ayurveda in its assessment system. Quantum Yoga invites the yogi to approach their practice with awareness, thus imbuing their body and with it their whole being with a greater level of consciousness, underpinned by a clear positive intention. In this way the transformative potential of the yoga practice, and as a matter of fact any activity, increases exponentially.