Infinity Trees is the vata-regulating Advanced Quantum Yoga sequence that emphasizes grounding, cultivates strength and provides physical and emotional steadiness. It takes its inspiration from the tree, the connector of heaven and earth, the giver of life and vitality.  All spiritual traditions acknowledge the importance of the tree. In its powerful rootedness with branches soaring to the sky, the tree embodies the conditions cultivated in this vata-regulating sequence. Vata, the Ayurvedic dosha (body-mind constitution) elementally defined as air, is responsible for movement. 8 is the symbol for infinity, and Infinity Trees consists of eight tree vinyasas or compositions. Lara guides Karen, a yogini with vata-dominance in her Ayurvedic prakriti (nature), through the sequence, offering alternative simpler poses, whilst demonstrating the more challenging asana.

Each of the eight compositions is initiated by a variation on Vrikshasana, the tree pose, balancing asana that require the lofty vata-type to connect with mother earth in a more affirmative way, and truly master the play with gravity. One’s longing for free flowing movement and play is satisfied, all the while sustaining the safety of a strong core, the energetic potency of a coherent central axis, as well as the integrity of muscular engagement and awareness right into the extremities, in order to consolidate the system as a whole. The sequence is completed by a visualization meditation that hones conscious manifestation within a sacred space.

The DVD includes an introduction to the general principles of the Quantum Method, as well as an explanation of Ayurveda (Science of Life) and how an understanding of its basic principles supports the assessment of one’s ideal practice. Bandha exercises for core control and cleansing (kriya) are also included.

All net profits from sales of the Infinity Trees DVD are donated to Rainforest Rescue