Vata Regulating

The underlying theme for Birds is freedom and is designed to remind us that yoga is a return to our natural state of ease and that all spiritual practice is ultimately a process of elimination leading us to the real self. Through practising asanas and vinyasa, we see the body return to its true shape, the nadis free up to allow for a harmonious flow of prana resulting in a deep sense of wellbeing. A safe and inspirational space is cultivated in which the body can express itself without the obstacles of the mind. Birds supplies a steady rhythm that supports the dynamic flow of a balanced yoga practice, in harmony with the breath. The sounds on this CD are produced from materials that possess the healing vibrations of natural sound, combined with the practice of yoga to create a positive energetic field in which true healing can take place. This double-album CD includes a fully comprehensive sequence chart of photographs. It is practiced in stages: at first CD 1 gives verbal instruction and music, supported by the visuals of the chart. Then CD 2 contains the same music that prompts one’s memory; naturally the music can also be enjoyed in its own right. The final stage is to allow for variations and begin the act of true self-practice, inspired by the sequence of posture groupings listed at the back of the CD.