Kapha Regulating

The Quantum Yoga Intermediates video trilogy represents a launch pad towards self-practice, and these can either be watched as an informative guide or used as real-time instruction to practice alongside to. Here Lara teaches each Basic Quantum sequence to a student who is typical for their biological constitution, or dosha. It shows case studies in which physical and emotional impediments are integrated and overcome by embracing the Ayurvedic holistic approach of recognizing body-mind type and applying this to Quantum Yoga practice. Each download also includes a succinct introduction to Quantum Yoga.

Yoga increases prana‚ the life force that brings vitality, health and happiness to the individual. Often through a sedentary life-style, a lack of inspiration and consumption of unhealthy foods, a person feels heavy, toxic and depressed. This means that a dynamic asana practice that maximises the aspect of vinyasa and incorporates invigorating, cleansing and stimulating postures should be developed. A Mandala in its basic form is a circle, which represents the spiralling upward motion that is encouraged in this sequence and echoes the mystical rising of kundalini shakti. It also symbolises a cosmic diagram, based on the sacred geometry of the macrocosm as reflected in the microcosm of the human body. We use this sacred geometry in yoga to re-align the body in such a way that allows an even and balanced flow of energy. Thus in the Lotus Mandala, the strength and stamina inherent in the human organism in particular and the universe as a whole is drawn upon to realign itself with its true sublime shape.