Kapha Prakriti - Quantum Yoga Dosha Assessment

Kapha-dominant Prakriti

Kapha is the dosha of earth and water, and is thus responsible for grounding. Kapha-types are usually heavy-set with oily thick wavy hair, big soft eyes, thick skin, large strong teeth and nails. They are of a mild, often lazy disposition, but once set into motion, have great stamina. They have good long-term memory, avoid confrontation and are often quite reserved. Kapha is exacerbated by oily stodgy foods and alcohol, a sedentary life-style and a lack of stimulation or exposure to the outdoors.

Imbalance in kapha (earth-water) manifests through sloth, turpor and a lazy feeling of heaviness. Before vigorously kick-starting the body in the dynamic flow, make sure to prepare by bringing the awareness to the feet, strengthening the core and ensuring pelvic stability. Kapha types often hold tension in the hips and thus supporting the body’s ability to safely open up this region is especially important. Any arm-balancing inversions and back-bends are intensely invigorating and thus very useful. To keep things moving is the main motto here. The inhalation is often longer than the exhalation. Thus the capacity to release and let go on the exhale needs to be supported through such pranayama as bandha triyam in bhaya kumbhaka.