Pitta Regulating

The Quantum Yoga Intermediates video trilogy represents a launch pad towards self-practice, and these can either be watched as an informative guide or used as real-time instruction to practice alongside to. Here Lara teaches each Basic Quantum sequence to a student who is typical for their biological constitution, or dosha. It shows case studies in which physical and emotional impediments are integrated and overcome by embracing the Ayurvedic holistic approach of recognizing body-mind type and applying this to Quantum Yoga practice. Each download also includes a succinct introduction to Quantum Yoga.

Yoga represents the methods and means that lead to a direct experience of the divine essence of reality. This sacred practice is approached with focus and discipline, referred to as tapas or spiritual fervour, whilst at the same time cultivating joy and encouraging playfulness. The body is purified through the heat generated from asana (postures) – vinyasa in conjunction with ujaii pranayama. The mind in turn is stilled and one’s general disposition becomes cool and clear. A hero is neither aggressive nor reluctant to act, but instead masters the skill of balancing force with yielding. This sequence incorporates many variations on the hero’s pose (Virasana) and is designed to smoothly strengthen every part of one’s being. Thus it creates a steady platform from which to embrace our true form, realise our creative potential and bravely express our wild and loving nature.