Pitta Regulating

Yoga represents the methods and means that lead to a direct experience of the divine essence of reality. This sacred practice is approached with focus and discipline, referred to as tapas or spiritual fervour, whilst at the same time cultivating joy and encouraging playfulness. The body is purified through the heat generated from asana (postures) – vinyasa  in conjunction with ujaii pranayama. The mind in turn is stilled and one’s general disposition becomes cool and clear. A hero is neither aggressive nor reluctant to act, but instead masters the skill of balancing force with yielding. This sequence incorporates many variations on the hero’s pose (Virasana) and is designed to smoothly strengthen every part of one’s being. Thus it creates a steady platform from which to embrace our true form, realise our creative potential and bravely express our wild and loving nature. The word mantra is derived from man-“mind” and -tra “to cross over” or “liberate”. On this double-album CD, these exalted phrases are repeatedly uttered in a musical way and the resulting vibration of healing sound, more even than their lyrical content, is said to carry transformative powers. A fully illustrated sequence chart is included.